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We are actively adding to our list of recommended products and always appreciate feedback! You'll find that the recommendations we supply are sometimes from companies who aren't 100% vegan. Please be aware of that when browsing other products by these companies to ensure that all products that you purchase are vegan. We do, however, make a concentrated effort to be sure that we only provide recommendations for companies who state that they are Cruelty-Free/Do Not Test On Animals. While we have a list of Accidentally Vegan Food Items, our product lists are comprised of items that are intentionally formulated without the use of animal products or honey. Thank you for providing any information to help us continue to offer quality recommendations not at the expense of our animal and insect friends.

The above links will take you to our growing pages of items which we, and many others, would like to give a big thumbs-up. Please know that we are not paid by any of these companies for our endorsement. The listing of any products or services on this site is purely a testament to their quality.



One of the hardest parts about starting a new diet, or adopting a new lifestyle, is that you don't always know where to start. Thanks to the Internet, we have access to every option we could possibly imagine, but it's always nice to have an experienced friend there to say, "Don't try that. It tastes like someone took a ball of hemp yarn, tied it to the back of their electric car, and drove it through a forest for 12 hours."

We want to be that friend.

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